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Your Lawn  Comes First!


If your lawn is refusing to grow and you're looking to bring it back to life, ask about our sod installation program to help your lawn get a fresh start this spring. Rely on our 15 years' experience in lawn care to recommend the perfect sod to get your lawn growing again. Compare the sod types below and decide which works best for you.



Turf Type Lawn Fescue Sod   

* Outstanding performance in the transition zone

* Exceptional fall density

* Fine Textured, superb turf density

* Good seeding vigor

* Dark green color

* Tolerates heavy traffic wear

Affordable sod installations you can trust

Don't worry about getting sod you need to revive your lawn at an affordable price. From FREE estimates to service guarantees, we work to ensure that your lawn is beautiful and you get the best price in town.



Kentucky Bluegrass

* Aggressive growth habit

* Tolerates a low height of cut

* Performs well under medium maintenance

* Strong overall disease resistance

* Excellent Spring and Fall color

* Shade tolerance

* Exhibits quick  green-up in Spring